Search Information


Right now, we have no idea whether Steve is still on the CDT or not. If he is, then chances are high that he is dead. We have no idea where to tell anyone to search and are not encouraging anyone to do so, especially now, during the winter.

However, if you still want to search, know that we really appreciate your help. But the last thing we want is for anyone to put themselves in danger, so please follow these guidelines:

• Let somebody (who is not going to be out looking) know where and how long you will be out and report to said person before you start and when you return so if anything happens, the alarm can be sounded to send aid.

• Be prepared for the conditions that you may encounter such as deep snow and the weather: please check the forecast for where you are going before you leave.

• If you find anything, LEAVE THE CLUES ALONE and contact us immediately using the form below or the Contact page.  Relevant clues may reactivate the SAR mission.

• Follow all state laws and do not trespass onto private property.

• Please notify us of where you searched (so we don’t have any duplications) and the date and whether you found anything that would indicate that Otter, or any hiker, had been there. Please use the form below, or use the Contact page.