Golf with Steve

Today would have been Steve’s 61st birthday, so we thought we would post this story from last October from his best friend Pete:

So for the last couple of months I was searching the internet for a new head cover for my driver. I was in search of an Otter head cover. I found a website called Daphne’s. They have every imaginable animal available except the Otter. On their site it says discontinued. So I pressed them a little, thinking maybe they have one lying around. They pointed me in the direction of a company called Hoboken Golf. I called them and spoke to the owner. He was very nice. So he bought like 20 boxes of Otter head covers on a close out from Daphne’s. They were for a custom job done for Pinehurst and ESPN for some kind of outing. I really did not want any logo on it but did not think I would be getting an Otter head cover any other way. It arrived yesterday and I put it on the club for its first round today. It was a rainy and windy day here in Miami. I had my best round in years. I shot 76. It was crazy. Steve was with me through the whole round. I had an amazing calm over myself. After the round when I was walking to the car I was crying.

As Steve always said, life is a hike, and it is so great to know that he is still sharing parts of it with us.


June 14 Update

The weather was gorgeous, setting the stage for a perfect day for family and close friends to celebrate Steve’s life. The June 4th celebration took place on top of Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts and a convenient place for everyone to be on the AT, as there is an auto road that goes to the top of the mountain. Continue reading “June 14 Update”

January 9 Update

A couple of people have asked about the sightings that have been reported and our inability to get confirmation whether or not this hiker is Steve. Essentially, we have been stuck in this purgatory where there have been several sightings of a hiker—even credible reports that the hiker might be Steve—but we have been unable to get any confirmation. Here’s where we are:

Continue reading “January 9 Update”