Golf with Steve

Today would have been Steve’s 61st birthday, so we thought we would post this story from last October from his best friend Pete:

So for the last couple of months I was searching the internet for a new head cover for my driver. I was in search of an Otter head cover. I found a website called Daphne’s. They have every imaginable animal available except the Otter. On their site it says discontinued. So I pressed them a little, thinking maybe they have one lying around. They pointed me in the direction of a company called Hoboken Golf. I called them and spoke to the owner. He was very nice. So he bought like 20 boxes of Otter head covers on a close out from Daphne’s. They were for a custom job done for Pinehurst and ESPN for some kind of outing. I really did not want any logo on it but did not think I would be getting an Otter head cover any other way. It arrived yesterday and I put it on the club for its first round today. It was a rainy and windy day here in Miami. I had my best round in years. I shot 76. It was crazy. Steve was with me through the whole round. I had an amazing calm over myself. After the round when I was walking to the car I was crying.

As Steve always said, life is a hike, and it is so great to know that he is still sharing parts of it with us.


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