April 30 Update

There have been no new leads of any type in our search for Steve. We did gain access to his computer, which was in storage, so we now have been able to take a look at all of his various accounts. There has been no activity on any of them.

Work for the last few weeks has focused on organizing a search in Carson National Forest, which is where the trail is located from the Colorado border all the way to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, where Steve never showed up to pick up a package of supplies he had mailed himself.

There is still quite a bit of snow in the area we most want to search, so we are only getting organized now. Once that is done, we will post again with search details for those who want to participate. Right now, our plan is to use mounted SAR crews to search using ATVs and/or horses for a lot of the area where National Forest Service staff don’t frequent, although there is a lot of ground to cover, and we will need different kinds of searches depending on the terrain.

Steve indicated that he was going to use Forest Service roads because the snow was too deep on the trail. This complicates things, as there is a maze of Forest Service roads in that area. Here is a map of Carson—the trail runs down the west side of the Forest.

The trail is already being searched, as there are already northbound hikers on the CDT, and several have been told to keep a look out for any clues.

Just in case that trail register entry in Florida really was Steve, we have notified staff on the Appalachian Trail to keep an eye out for him. There is no indication that the Otter who signed the register ever continued on the Florida Scenic Trail, but we wanted to hedge our bets. Pacific Crest Trail volunteers have also been alerted.

So that’s where we are; we wish we had better, or even just more, news, but, unfortunately, we don’t.


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