January 14 Update

The search continues……

We are continuing to work on the one video opportunity we have; the company has promised to send us the video, and we will be reviewing it as soon as we get it.

In the meantime, we have two questions that we are hoping someone can help us with:

We are trying to follow every lead, and some CDT trail volunteers remember some friends that Steve had in the Quemado area. Here is what they reported to Teresa Martinez, Director of the CDT Coalition (and a lifeline for us!):

However, as they thought back on the time Otter spent with them last year, they remembered that he had mentioned he had met a bunch of survivalists in or around Quemado and had stayed with them for a few days, as they invited him to stay. They are totally off the grid, and we have no idea if they have phones/internet or anything of the like, but they thought it might be worth mentioning. They have no idea exactly where, as he wouldn’t tell them where it was, only that it was around Quemado. Could it be possible that he headed back there? Who knows, but they asked me to mention that to you.

Does anyone know anything about these friends of Steve’s?

Secondly, in one of the sightings, the witness reported a beanie hat. We know about a baseball cap, but does anyone know whether Steve had a beanie, and if so, can you describe it: color? fabric? pom-pom? Any information you have could be helpful.

We also sent a press release to every media outlet in New Mexico that we could reach. Here’s hoping it generates some more sightings.

And we sure could use some more pictures, if anyone has any.

Thanks for everyone for their support.


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