January 5 Update

We thought we had a break yesterday, albeit a confusing one, when someone reported seeing Steve (if it was Steve) walking east on Hwy 60 east of Springerville, Arizona. According to the witness, he was booking when she saw him at 11 am. He had a beard, baseball cap, and no jacket but maybe a shirt with red and black—she couldn’t remember. She called us a few hours later, when she saw the poster and realized that it might be the person she saw. By the time the State Police got there, there was no sign of him. We have received no word today of any sightings, and our calls and emails to people in Quemado, Pie Town, and Reserve haven’t yielded any sign of him.

Please don’t ask us how or why he was in Lordsburg and then was all the way in Springerville, Arizona (about 200 miles by car), a few days later, because we don’t have a clue. If anyone knows what he could possibly have been doing in Springerville or how he got there, please let us know.

The good news is, if this is Steve, that he is in good physical shape. The really bad news is we don’t know where he is going to go next. It was one thing when he was on the trail, so we had some idea of where he was heading, but now? If anyone has any ideas about where he may be headed, please tell us.

So now all we can do is rely on our publicity. We have contacted everyone we can in Quemado, Pie Town, and Reserve, but if you know anyone in that area, please tell them about Steve.

Many thanks to the literally dozens of people now who have helped with this search.


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