January 3 Update

Two of Otter’s friends drove the length of New Mexico over the holiday week and stopped in all of the likely towns where a CDT hiker would stop. They are the ones who found some great leads in Cuba, which we are still trying to confirm (it isn’t easy doing this during the holidays).

They also found someone in Lordsburg who recognized Otter’s now-famous SF pullover and hat, but wasn’t so sure about the person himself. If Steve had hiked on roads and really put in miles every day, it is possible that he made it to Lordsburg by December 31. We are following up on this lead right now and will keep everyone posted if we find anything.

If you live in or near the Lordsburg area, please keep your eyes peeled for Steve. Print some posters to pass out (volunteers have covered most of the likely businesses), and if you are on or near Hwys 113, 9, or 81, please watch for Steve in case he is headed towards the southern terminus. We have also notified all of the authorities to be on the lookout as well.

If Steve is not the person identified in Lordsburg, there is still the real possibility that he is hiking at a more reasonable pace and is approaching Silver City, so we have notified many people and businesses in Silver City to watch for him. Another possibility is he is in trouble somewhere on the trail somewhere south of Grants, so if people want to search, we are trying to coordinate that as best we can. Please see our Search Information page before you start, because, above all, we want to make sure you STAY SAFE.

If you live anywhere near the trail in this area, one thing you can do is check out road crossings for foot prints. And please keep handing out posters; it’s amazing how quickly people forget.

If you need a map of the trail, go to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition’s interactive map.

Thank you to everyone for their support and assistance while we find Otter.


One thought on “January 3 Update

  1. Did not see anyone walking on the road from grants to Pie town nor any footprint in the mud or snow on that road…I know people have had issues from Grants to Cuba in the past hiking the CDT.


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