January 1 Update

As the search continues, we thought it would be easiest if we set up social media in order to communicate with Otter’s family and friends. Here’s the latest update:

We have credible but unconfirmed sightings of Steve in several businesses in Cuba in early December and in Grants on December 10. There have been no sightings since.

We are trying to confirm these sightings. In the meantime, assuming this hiker is Steve, there appear to be three possibilities:

• He is just fine and has bypassed the towns that are off the trail and is heading towards Silver City.

• He is visiting friends somewhere south of Grants.

• He is in trouble somewhere between Grants and the southern terminus.

We are doing a publicity blitz in the area between Grants and the southern terminus. As Silver City is right on the trail, so he is almost certain to pass through it and should be almost there if he wasn’t delayed on the trail, we are making every effort to cover Silver City as thoroughly as possible.

There is still the real possibility that Steve is in trouble somewhere on the trail, most probably somewhere south of Grants if he was, indeed, that hiker, so if people want to search, we are trying to coordinate that as best we can. Please see our Search Information page before you start, because, above all, we want to make sure you STAY SAFE.

Thank you to everyone for their support and assistance while we find Otter.



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